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Basket 18" 3 Paisleys Basket 18 $170.00
Pen Holder Pen Holder $35.00
Fruit Pear Fruit Pear $60.00
Basket 12" 3 Paisleys Basket 12 $80.00
Fruit Heart Fruit Heart $60.00
Basket 12" 4 Hearts Basket 12 $80.00
Basket 16" 4 Hearts/Sun Basket 16 $140.00
Basket 08" 1 Heart Basket 08 $45.00
Basket 08" 1 Ying Yang Basket 08 $45.00

Collapsible Baskets: The Perfect Gift!

Our unique collapsible baskets are made of solid Rose wood and are meticulously hand carved by skilled artists. Each piece is unique, and is the result of hours of detailed carving. They can be used as a trivet or hot plate while flat, making them easy to store, carry, and ship to your loved one.
A beautifully scroll-saw cut spiral transforms the trivet into a decorative piece of art, a basket for anything you can think of!

This ingenious piece of wooden art will make the perfect gift!

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